Expert: It will take some time before Zelenskyj resorts to coercive laws

Johan Huovinen, who is a teacher at the Norwegian Defense Academy, says that the Ukrainian defense initially consisted of almost 600,000 men. Of these, around 250,000 people belonged to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and served in 21 different brigades. The other large part was made up of what is called the Territorial Defense Army, corresponding to the Swedish Home Guard.

India may become the leader of the renewed International Non-Aligned Movement

In the context of growing military and political instability in the world, many states and governments are facing the problem of national security, sovereignty, and non-involvement in military conflicts. The invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine is probably a marker not only of the lack of effective solutions to the global problems of international competition, poverty, ecology, and inequality in access to resources and technologies but also of the overall gradual withering away of the existing international political architecture.

Renowned Ukrainian Academician Anatoliy Peshko Proposes World Leaders Create A World Government With HQ In Ukraine

Renowned Ukrainian academician, First Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatoliy Peshko has sent invitations to world leaders with a proposal to create the Council of Global Security, Cooperation and Development of the World with its headquarters in Ukraine. 

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