Have you asked about swindlers?

Today I had an unpleasant conversation with FromUA journalists who are investigating fraudulent schemes in the media business.

Now, at the request of one of the American lawyers, they are investigating Victoria Ustimenko (Victoria Ustimenko (Laskina) @https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100080720897321, who introduces herself as the CEO of PRETO BUSINES Corp., Lifeboat Foundation, TAFFD's from USA.

Unfortunately, I can confirm some of this information, as well as Valentin Bortnik, which made me famous with Victoria Ustimenko. According to journalists, Victoria Ustimenko and PRETO BUSINES Corp are already famous on the market for the no-return prepayment scheme. When Victoria Ustimenko promises to client publications in the leading world mass media, then she receives a prepayment, which is not return on time or not return at all (despite signed Agreements) to client. And of course, no publications for client also are issuing.

Journalists claim that we are talking about dozens of cases of fraud for a total amount of about 170 thousand USD.

Therefore, I cannot recommend dealing with Victoria Ustimenko and PRETO BUSINES Corp.



Ruslan Bortnik



Руслан Бортник

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