The University of Young Leaders "Key Generation" announces the start of enrollment!

 Key Generation is a new educational platform created for those who dream of building a successful political career, changing their country and becoming a true leader in their field. If you want to reach great heights, Key Generation is exactly what you need!!!!

This project is open to young military personnel, entrepreneurs, media professionals, students and all motivated people aged 18 to 30. If you dream of playing an active role in shaping society, this project is for you!

Vladimir Putin, operazione-terrore: bombardieri ipersonici e missili

Vladimir Putin non si ferma: in attesa dell’annunciata controffensiva ucraina, il Cremlino adotta la strategia del terrore, facendo volare bombardieri strategici ipersonici con capacità atomica. Minaccia, insomma, di ricorrere al nucleare. Ma non solo. Perché nella notte tra domenica 30 aprile e lunedì 1 maggio, ha anche lanciato 18 missili contro le installazioni militari proprio per rallentare la controffensiva di Kiev.

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