The scammer's adventures continue or once again about the Russian criminal Victoria Ustimenko

Remember, we already wrote about the fraudster Victoria Ustimenko, aka Victoria Laskina, who introduces herself as the CEO of PRETO BUSINES Corp (registered at 1201 E Sunrise Blv 207, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33304 US, EIN: P23000030746) and allegedly deals with “PR, GR, Marketing, NFT, Blockchain, Crypto, SMM, Business Development, Strategy.” She also introduces herself as Chief Executive Officer & FounderChief Executive Officer & Founder PRETO PR Service Pty (Ltd) or Member of the Board of AdvisorsMember of the Board of Advisors Lifeboat Foundation or Global Head of MarketsGlobal Head of Markets Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions Inc. or CPRO & BizDev & CMO at various startups.

Victoria Ustimenko, aka Victoria Laskina, is originally from Kyiv, but lives permanently in Moscow (despite the Russian invasion of Ukraine), sometimes, if paid, she comes to the USA or other countries.

Victoria positions herself as a PR specialist or marketer, a participant in many startups and platforms.

But she has succeeded in another way - in deceiving gullible clients, from whom she, by distributing generous promises of results (most often these are promises to place publications in the client’s interests in glossy or international publications and magazines), lures them into paying advances for her services, and then disappears with the client’s money or refuses return them, citing your life problems.

We recently learned that Victoria again “dumped” one of her clients who approached her about publishing materials in a glossy magazine. In general, Victoria has already collected advances from clients amounting to more than 250 thousand USD, which she does not intend to return. But this adventurer and fraudster continues to actively promote her services on the market, occasionally, using new advances, returning old debts to some people and throwing theatrical tantrums in front of angry clients.

Victoria's victims are often representatives of sports (especially motorcycle and motorsports), investors and philanthropists, and politicians. To deceive, she may involve Russian, British or American intermediaries, about whom we will definitely write.

Only the list of public masks - organizations and companies to which she is allegedly involved - of Victoria Ustimenko (Laskina) should alarm any professional or even the average person.

But our job is to warn the professional environment about (Victoria Ustimenko), aka Victoria Laskina (Victoria Laskina) - do not deal with them if you do not want to lose money and time.

We also know that some of the companies and people affected by Victoria Ustimenko’s actions filed a fraud complaint against her with law enforcement agencies in the United States and Britain.

If you also suffered from the actions of this scammer, write to us and we’ll tell you how to get justice and a refund.

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