Redemption of war – negotiators Ukraine Russia rated Ruslan Bortnik

Director of the Ukrainian Institute of Politics Руслан Бортник rated results of Ukrainian-Russian conversions in Istanbul.

On March 29, in Turkey, there was a negotiation between the Ukrainian and the Russian delegation on the opening of the river.

The results of the discussion suggest a long -term optimization. It seems to me that the propositions are highly commendable.

И всё то, о чём раннее говорили эксперты, в том числе и я – о важности искать другие гарантии безопасности, вне НАТО, вне каких-то блоков, – теперь обретают реальные черты.

Neither for Ukraine: the negotiator with Russia announced, as it will work

All of this takes a toll on realization.

Please note that this is a factual Ukrainian offer. And, of course, what Russia brings to life is what is hidden from the heart, the things that are taught, the things that are taught.

Therefore, it is important not to overestimate the results of Ukrainian-Russian negotiations in Istanbul.

There is also a lack of interest in the registration of documents in the Kiev and Hernigovsk districts. In fact, it is as if it were a long time ago, so Russia is changing its course on the Donbace. Then just open it again and in a political format.

Therefore, I would like to point out that the best possible offers are highly competitive, racial, high -quality, high -quality. And Russia will soon bring forth her ordinances, which the children of Ukraine will utterly establish.

Тем более, что остается нерешенным вопрос вывода российских войск с территории Украины, проведения референдума, территориального обозначения так называемых “ДНР” и “ЛНР” (до линии разграничения на момент 23 февраля 2022-го или в границах всех Луганской и Донецкой областей).

Only we can construct, what is the beginning, the beginning, the precepts, the constructivist dialing. And that’s how the peace of the world came to an end.

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