Renowned Ukrainian Academician Anatoliy Peshko Proposes World Leaders Create A World Government With HQ In Ukraine

Renowned Ukrainian academician, First Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatoliy Peshko has sent invitations to world leaders with a proposal to create the Council of Global Security, Cooperation and Development of the World with its headquarters in Ukraine. 

According to the chairman of the All-Ukrainian Union of Public Organizations “Narodna Rada” of Ukraine, the task of the new international organization is to lay down the principles of deep specialization and cooperation between the most advanced countries of the world, which will allow the whole mankind to use its natural, intellectual and technological resources more effectively.

Anatoly Peshko points out that on the basis of his economic and social calculations it is clear that for the developed countries of the world there is only one effective and expedient way of development. It consists in creating a balanced international system, where deep specialization and cooperation will concern not only the accumulation of money and resources, but also obtaining inexhaustible energy sources, production of organic products within the framework of local agro-industrial complexes, effective treatment of people and prolongation of their life by means of molecular-genetic approach, exploration of outer space, etc.

All of this is possible if certain natural, ecologically and economically sound activities were to be negotiated and legislated for each country of the world. The consequence of this approach will also be the establishment of peace between all countries, since any conflicts in such a system will lead to deep material and socio-economic losses.


The author of the project sees Germany, Israel, the United States, Great Britain, France, China and Ukraine as participants in the new organization.

Anatoliy Peshko considers that the idea of creating a world government centered in Ukraine is based on the position of the famous American philosopher and political scientist Samuel Huntington, who many decades ago predicted and left as a testament to the world community the idea of creating a world government on the territory of such a country as Ukraine.

The invitation to world leaders was sent out on behalf of the All-Ukrainian Union of Public Organizations “Narodna Rada” of Ukraine, which is the largest public organization in Ukraine, uniting about 4,500 public organizations and parties of Ukraine. It was received by, among others, German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, U.S. President Joseph Biden, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and others.

Source: eureporter

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