Carefully! Fraudsters!

Digital communications in our world are rapidly developing, as well as blockchain technologies, the world of cryptocurrencies and innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence.

At the same time, like any revolution, this process is full of heroes leading everyone behind them, traditionalists - opponents and banal swindlers of all stripes.


мошенникиAmong them, there is, for example, such a Victoria Ustimenko (Victoria Ustimenko), who introduces herself as the CEO of PRETO BUSINES Corp (registered at: 1201 E Sunrise Blv 207, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33304 US, EIN: P23000030746) and allegedly deals with "PR, GR, Marketing, NFT, Blockchain, Crypto, SMM, Business Development, Strategy".
In fact, Victoria does only one thing - she looks for gullible clients in these areas, gives out generous promises of results, receives a financial advance from clients and does not return it (in general, or for a very long time).
At the same time, she does not fulfill her obligations, and her work is reduced to trying to organize mailing lists or establish contacts with companies and individuals that are completely unfamiliar to her, with the hope that something will work out someday.
Victoria Ustimenko (Victoria Ustimenko) is such a "swindler at random" and a fake adventurer! And nothing would be terrible if Victoria hadn't collected advances from clients already in the amount of 178 thousand USD, which she is not going to, and probably cannot return. Most often, Victoria's victims are representatives of sports (especially motorcycle and motor sports), investors and philanthropists, politicians. For deception, it can involve intermediaries, which we will discuss in the next article.
Therefore, our business is to warn the professional environment about Victoria Ustimenko (Victoria Ustimenko) and PRETO BUSINES Corp - do not do business with them if you do not want to lose money and time.
Also, we know that some of the companies and people affected by the actions of Victoria Ustimenko have filed a fraud complaint against her with US law enforcement agencies.
And in the next article, we will tell you about Victoria Ustimenko and PRETO BUSINES Corp in much more detail. Believe me, there is a lot of spicy and interesting things there, especially for deceived clients who are looking for the property and assets of V. Ustimenko.

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