The situation in Ukraine and the world is approaching the definition of a New World War

🔹In terms of the number of countries whose resources are somehow involved in the war in Ukraine, the situation is already approaching a world war:
1) At a meeting in German Ramstein at a US military base, a new anti-Russian coalition was actually formed - more than 40 countries have already agreed to coordinate military assistance to Ukraine to repel Russian aggression. For example, 38 countries took part in the First World War, 62 participated in the Second World War;
2) 4 out of 5 global states and associations are already involved in the war (USA, RF, EU, NATO);
3) The fighting is going on not only in Ukraine, but also in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Mali and other places; the actual pre-war situation in South Asia (Taiwan), the Caucasus, Latin America, and the Balkans. A possible PRC attack on Taiwan would only fix the state of World War III;
4) The world is rapidly divided into political and economic blocs;
5) The old architecture of international security is not only ineffective, but is neither a field nor a subject of international politics (UN, OSCE, CE, and so on); ignored by global players.
🔹Therefore, it is not surprising that the same Vatican proposed to hold a new analogue of the “Helsinki Conference”, meaning the settlement of the situation in Ukraine. The UN Secretary General also stepped up (with a huge delay). There is an obvious need to hold a Global Conference with the participation of all interested parties in order to discuss the threatening situation and form a new model of International Security.
  🔹Ukraine has its own proposals. The Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, A. Yermak, in his article in TIME, speaks of the need to form a new architecture of the world order. Now the Russian leadership is confident that it has the right to destroy Ukraine, which basically has to be resisted only by the efforts of the Ukrainian people. International organizations have shown complete inability to stop the aggressor.
🔹Ukraine proposes a new collective agreement on security guarantees for Ukraine as a basis for a collective response to global security challenges. The Ukrainian security platform in the future should become the basis of the multilateral format U-24, United for Peace (previously, this proposal was made by the President of Ukraine V. Zelensky). A kind of rescue service that could effectively respond to the outbreak of armed conflicts and disasters within 24 hours and save human lives. The U-24 association, which, despite the paralysis of the UN and an irresistible veto, will be able within 24 hours to provide assistance - humanitarian, financial, material and military-technical - to the state affected by aggression. In fact, it is proposed to create a New World Security Council from among the efficient and capable countries.
🔹This security model applies not only to Ukraine, but also to general security in the world. It proceeds from new geopolitical realities, in which the system of international law does not work, and the real provision of security is based on political will, military power and the ability of certain countries to respond in a consolidated manner to security crises created by individual states.
🔹In any case, it is very likely that the current war and / or the third world war, as well as the First and Second World Wars, will just end with the formation of a new architecture of the world order, where Ukrainian proposals can play an important key role. In general, the situation in Ukraine has clearly demonstrated that the world AGAIN needs not a broad and beautiful (like the UN), but an effective security model, and a military tool for solving international problems is complex, dangerous and ineffective.

Ruslan Bortnik